Applications and Articles about MapAnalyst

If you publish illustrations generated with MapAnalyst, or write a scholarly article mentioning MapAnalyst, please cite the following publication.

Jenny, B. and Hurni, L. (2011) Studying cartographic heritage: Analysis and visualization of geometric distortions. Computers & Graphics, 35-2, p. 402–411.

Introductory and Overview Publications about MapAnalyst

The following publications provide an overview and introduction to MapAnalyst and related methods and tools.

Jenny, B. and Hurni, L. (2011) Studying cartographic heritage: Analysis and visualization of geometric distortions. Computers & Graphics, 35-2, p. 402–411.

Raymond, D. (2007) Software Review: MapAnalyst 1.2.1 (Bernhard Jenny and Adrian Weber, Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich, 2005/2006). Cartographica, 42-1, p. 95–97.

Weiss, T. A. (2013) MapAnalyst and Geographic Information Systems: Keys to Unlocking New Paths of Research in the History of Cartography. The Portolan, 86, p. 10–35. [2012 Ristow Prize for Academic Achievement in the History of Cartography].

Publications about MapAnalyst’s Functionality

The following publications describe the functionality and technical background of MapAnalyst, or suggest improvements to MapAnalyst’s functionality.

Claeys Boùùaert, M., De Baets, B., Vervust, S., Neutens, T., De Maeyer, P., Van de Weghe, N. (2016) Computation and visualisation of the accuracy of old maps using differential distortion analysis. International Journal of Geographical Information Science.

Jenny, B. and Mesenburg, P. (2011). MapAnalyst – Analyse und Visualisierung zur Genauigkeit der Mappa critica des Tobias Mayer (1750). Cartographica Helvetica, 43, p. 43–48. Zusammenfassung | Summary | Résumé.

Jenny, B. (2010) New features in MapAnalyst. e-Perimetron, 5-3, p. 176–180.

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Weber, A. (2005) Software zur Analyse alter Karten - MapAnalyst. Student work. Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich.

Applications of MapAnalyst

The following publications are case studies in the history of cartography using MapAnalyst for analyzing old maps.

Adami A. (2009) From real to virtual globe: new technologies for digital cartographic representation. e-Perimetron, 4-3, p. 144–160.

Allen, D. Y. (2007) Comparing Eighteenth-Century Maps of New York State Using Digital Imagery. New York Map Society [online].

Allen, D. Y. (2008) How Simeon De Witt mapped New York State. New York Map Society [online].

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