Manual – Inaccuracy Circles

Important: Use inaccuracy circles with care. It is generally recommended to use displacement circles instead.

See here for an example of inaccuracy circles.

Standard inaccuracy circles illustrate the local inaccuracy of a map. A large circle indicates a large positional inaccuracy. This method has been developed by P. Mekenkamp. For more information see the following arcticle (in German): Mekenkamp, P. G. M. (1990). Die Entwicklung einer neuen Methode für die Bestimmung der Genauigkeit von alten Karten. 5. Kartographiehistorisches Colloquium 1990, Oldenburg, Dietrich Reimer Verlag, Berlin.

Show Accuracy Circles

To use inaccuracy circles, first select Edit - Preferences on Windows and Linux or MapAnalyst - Preferences on Mac, and check the corresponding box.
Set the checkmark Show to display accuracy circles.

Circle Scale

The size of the circles can be adapted by a scale factor that can be set using the Circle Scale slider.


Adapt the color, width and type of the lines for optimum readability.